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Nowadays, children, besides of going to the school, practice a sport, mostly a team sport. And just like so many things, this also has its advantages and disadvantages on physical, emotional and mental field. The decision of which one is greater, the advantages or the disadvantages depend on the point of view of the parents and of the children. Emotional advantages: – They will learn the value of teamwork – They will learn how to work in a team – They will develop their ability of trusting someone else – They will learn how to select the trustful people – They will make more friends Emotional disadvantages: – the pressure of being the best – the possibility of not being the best – possible emotional implications of not being the best can affect the self-esteem of a child Mental advantages: – physical activity stimulates the brain – sport is a […]

After the performance and features of the cell phone, nothing is more important than the life of the cellular phone battery. The longer the battery life, the more talking before it needs a recharge. Sometimes your cellular phone battery will wear out. It will not hold its charge as long and your talk time will be noticeably diminished. At that point it's time to get a new battery. Make sure you get the correct battery for your cell phone model. If it's the wrong one, it will not fit. There are actually three different types of materials that make a cellular phone battery. The metals are nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium and lithium ion. The lithium ion cellular phone battery is the most common because it has the longest battery life, about 3 to 5 hours of talk time. They can be recharged around 200 times before you need to […]

The most basic definition of gasification is that it is any chemical or heat process used to convert a substance to a gas. Coal has been gasified ever since the industrial revolution to produce "town gas". This was once done in the local gas works, and every town had one. Heating the coal under controlled conditions with insufficient air to provide complete combustion produces a gaseous fuel known as syngas, which is also what is known as town gas when cooled cleaned and compressed. As we all know using gas as a fuel for so many jobs is vastly more controllable and vastly preferred to using coal. Gasification technology is at the forefront in the efforts to develop alternatives for conventional furnaces. It is of particular interest because it offers an opportunity to use the product fuel gas in integrated gasification combined-cycle electric power generation (IGCC). Great opportunities are pinned […]

This module focuses on the basics of Knowledge Mapping, its importance, principles, and methodologies. Key Questions What is K-map? What does the K-map show, and do do we map? Why is K-mapping so important? What are some of the key principles, methods, and questions for K-mapping? How do we create K-map? Background Each of the past centuries has been dominated by single technology. The eighth century was the time of the great mechanical systems involving the Industrial Revolution. The nineteenth century was the age of steam engine. After these, the key technology has been information gathering, processing and distribution. Among other developments, the installation of world wide telephone networks, the invention of radio and television, the birth and unpresented growth of the computer industry and the launching of communication satellites are significant. Now people started to think that only information is not enough, what matters is Knowledge. So there has […]

It’s not unusual, in fact it’s becoming the norm in the MLB and other professional sports, for players to consult and work with “mental performance coaches.” I feel I can speak for the majority of these athletes when I say 99% of them wishes they had known and worked on these mental skills much earlier in their careers. So why did these supreme athletes ignore the benefits of mental performance enhancement, imagery and focus training, to name a few. I don’t believe they ignored it… they weren’t aware of it and that’s our fault not theirs. Many coaches are mired in the rut of thinking mental performance training shouldn’t be considered until players are much older and only at very high skill levels of play. I wonder how many young players were never able to reach their full potential due to mental performance issues? And for those who were able […]

The car navigation system is firstly invited for the military utilization many years ago, but now, it enters the lives of ordinary people. People welcome this device and rely on it for it brings convenience and relief to them. People used to utilize map to guide the direction, which is hard to understand and easy to make a mistake. Stopping the car on the busy road to find a place is very dangerous. People also download the road information from search engine; However the information is inconvenient and may lack of updating. This device makes the difficult things possible. People who do not have a sense of direction, especially women can have the opportunity to drive cars. They even can go to some places that had never been before, because people trust it. The device is also suitable for the people who are traveling by their own cars. A car […]

It seems that just a few years ago air bags in cars were exotic. Today their numbers in some models are up to 10. At first glance, it's a simple bag made of a smooth, elastic synthetic material. But the fabric of an airbag needs to be very thin and strong, during the accident even the smallest stitches should not be in the contact area with driver's face and body. The cushion should'nt also become a trampoline, it must be able to ease the gas pressure on time. In fact, many manufacturers have ceased to sew pillows using the fabric that breaks letting the air out. When packing the airbag they put talc powder to prolong the cushion's life. The number of embedded airbags is growing rapidly. Just recently, the car with two airbags was considered as luxury and now having a dozen would not surprise an average driver. All […]

A gaming computer, gaming rig or gaming PC is specifically designed for playing demanding and complex video games. They are quite similar to regularly conventional personal computers; Specific differences include the inclusion of components that are performance-oriented towards playing games, and video cards. The term 'enthusiast computing' is often used in association with gaming computers as there is overlap of interest and the genres described. However, for a layman to understand differences between gaming and enthusiast PCs, it is important to know that gaming PCs are put together to achieve specific performance outlays in actual video game play while an enthusiast PC is simply built to maximize and optimize performance using gaming as A benchmark to achieve it. The cost of the two systems also amplifies the differences between the two; While gaming PCs can be extended over a wide range from low, mid and high range segments, enthusiasts are […]

ABSTRACT High-speed Internet seamless access is the expectation of recent technology trends. While many of the technologies like High Speed Internet Access (HSPA), Wireless Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) & Long Term evolution (LTE) are promising and meeting the expectations appropriately, ‘Digital Divide’ still exists when penetrating to the rural areas in a seamless and the cost effective way. The solution to the above situation is having a way of channeling the broadband internet on the electricity supply so that networking is carried out on power mains. Distribution of internet data on the power lines is called as HomePlug or Broadband over Power lines (BPL). Electric Broadband!, is an innovation in the recent technology trends. This technology is certainly encouraging and infrastructure cost effective model to offer broadband at high speed internet access – having penetration even into the rural areas since every home in the world is served by […]

Having your handheld device repaired can be better and more cost effective than having to pay your mobile phone insurance deductible. If you take a look at the price of a mobile device out of contract you’ll see that these little devices aren’t cheap at all, and in fact many of them cost over $500 USD! That isn’t the price that you paid for your phone though, is it? That is because the stores that sell mobile phones get paid for every contract that they sign you up for, and if you terminate your contract early they’ll still get their money. handheld device insurance can be a good investment if you lose your device, but with sites like eBay, Craigslist, and amazon it can be cheaper to get a new handheld device than making an insurance claim. So, is cell phone repair worth it? Did you break you digitizer by […]